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I thank you for the offer, but after some sleep I figured out what to change. I just wish I could find the exact reason that it works.

So to get it to compile you need to remove the x11 line in the gtk+-3.0.deps file in your vapi directory.

Then you need to replace each instance of X.Window in the gtk+-3.0.vapi file, also in your vapi directory, with just the word Window. In vim this is easily done with:


Or, however, your text editor handles replacement.

This should then allow your GTK3 application to compile and run. Now I'm not sure why Window works since it is an X11 define as far as I can tell. I would need more time to look into why this is. I believe the problems however stems from the fact that GDK is now runtime checking for available window systems (gdk explanation). My thought is currently that the person who generated the vapi only had the X11 backend and since it was auto generated by vapigen that is what we get for the vapi file itself. Of course this is mostly speculation.

Anyway, try that and it should work for you. It at least made it possible to run my application as GTK3 in wine.

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