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Wayland/Weston 1.2.0 for Debian 7.0 "Wheezy"/Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise"

I regulary work under Debian Stable or Ubuntu LTS, but recently needed to do some tests using the new Wayland display system for GNU/Linux.
Knowing that Wayland only went "stable" recently with its 1.2.0 release, I worked hard to compile this new version under stable distros... not so easy, but finally done.

The next step will be to build recent GTK+ and Qt toolkit releases, which now have Wayland support. Exciting !

Since it can be useful to others, here are packaged installers :

Wayland/Weston 1.2.0 for Debian 7.0/Ubuntu 12.0.4

* 32-bit "i386" version :
wayland120-DEBIAN70_(TARNYKO) (6.48 Mb)

* 64-bit "amd64" version :
wayland120-DEBIAN70-AMD64_(TARNYKO).run (6.56 Mb)

(PS : I don't provide .debs because some files confilct with existing ones)

Installation :

1) Install some prerequisites :
apt-get install libxcb-xfixes0-dev
2) Double-click on the installer, or using the command-line :
...follow the instructions...

Additional step under Ubuntu :
ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/

Usage :

As prompted on screen, load a new shell using :
. /opt/wayland120/
(don't miss the dot at the beginning !)

Then you can create a Weston window under X11 by typing for instance :
weston --width=800 --height=600
or :
weston --fullscreen

...and run some demos, for instance by typing in Wayland-terminal :

Weston running its drag-and-drop demo under Ubuntu/X11

Here we go !

PS1 : I run Weston -slowly- under X11 because I work with virtual machines. If you have recent Intel/AMD hardware and corresponding Gallium drivers, you could very well shut down X11 and run weston directly (using the kernel DRI layer).

PS2 : these packages may work on more recent distros ; any feedback appreciated !

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