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Hi Tarnyko,

In regards to the icons, the icon theme file is hard-coded when one runs the autotools build on Windows for the various icon theme that GNOME provides. The easiest way to make it relocatable (as I build GTK+-3.x on Visual Studio, which means no autotools during the build), is to get the hicolor-icon-theme (a very small package from, and use (copy as-is) the index.theme file that is provided and put in \share\icons\hicolor. One will then need to get the icons (gnome-icon-theme, gnome-icon-theme-extras and gnome-icon-theme-symbolic (i.e. the svg icons, which involves building and installing librsvg beforehand for these to work), and copy all the items in gnome\ from these packages as-is into \share\icons\hicolor. The fallback mechanism of GTK+ will allow these icons to be found and used.

I am also in the process of trying to improve the state of the GTK+ stack (albeit I won't be able to help with the autotools/MinGW build system part, but I am still maintaining the MSVC build files to make sure at least the code builds), and LRN is also doing a great deal of work to improve GTK+ on Windows as well, especially in the department of improving the themes.

Thanks for all the great work though. With blessings!

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