Tutorial : cross-compiling Libgee from Linux to Android

Objectives : compile a general-use C/C++ library under Linux, targeting Android.

Libgee, Libgsf, SQLite3... for Android (Vala)

Following some of my previous articles (here and here), here are some more Vala-enabled libraries for Android :

Static GTK+3 for Windows

Objectives : create standalone GTK+3 executables under Windows.

Following this previous article, here is everything necessary to create static GTK+ 3.4.2 executables on Windows.

It may be useful to remind that what we want : instead of ending up with a tree full of DLLs and resource files, we will put everything in one single binary. This may be useful for demos, installers...

Nostalgia : the xclass toolkit

Remember : we are in 1998. GNU/Linux slowly begins to build its popularity, thanks to positive press reviews, first Red Hat CD-ROMs available in stores, and more generally Windows flaws.

Static GTK+3 for GNU/Linux

Objectives : create standalone GTK+3 executables under GNU/Linux.

GTK+3 programs on GNU/Linux are normally intended to be run using system-wide and fixed-path shared libraries ; in fact, it is the way most programs work under this OS (whereas, in Windows and Mac OS X, it is preferred to ship relative-path libraries with each application).

New CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu repositories for Val(a)IDE

As some users reacted against the (relative) difficulty they had installing Val(a)IDE using individual packages provided in one of my previous posts, here is my work-of-the-day :

GNOME 3.8 rocks !

Summary : how I like GNOME as it is now, and maybe wouldn't have liked it before.

There's been a little bit a bashing recently in the Linux community about GNOME 3, its new design rules and lack of customization.

Tutorial : draw using Cairo under Android (Vala)

Objectives : draw lines, text and images under Android with the Cairo library and the Vala language.

Tutorial : cross-compile from Linux to Android (Vala)

Objectives : compile a Vala application under Linux, targeting Android.

We have a Vala console application, without any additional libraries.
We want to create an Android version of it without modifying the source code.

(PS : the targeted phone/tablet needs to be "rooted" and to have an installed terminal emulator)

Val(a)IDE 0.7.2 - official release

Val(a)IDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Vala language . The software is itself written in Vala.

Initially developed by Nicolas Joseph and Yu Feng, the project stayed quiet for a little more than two years. I took over development to fix bugs and add some functionalities.


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