GTKmm 3.4.0 / MinGW 4.6.2 for Windows (32-bit)

Several people asked me how to setup a GTKmm 3 development environment under Windows (for newcomers : GTKmm is a C++ binding for GTK+ 3).

Tutorial : compile a C/GTK+3 program with Microsoft Visual C++

Objectives : compile a C/GTK+3 source code with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, using the IDE and command line.

Many thanks to Antonio Scuri for many of the information needed to write this article.

GTK+ 3.6.1 for Windows (32-bit)

Again based on the OpenSUSE Factory repository, but with more professionnalism ^^ (enhanced installer, SVG image format support, better repartition between "Runtime" et "Bundle" packages....) here is my work-of-the-day :

Tutorial : autocomplete Vala code using LibAfrodite

Objectives : automatically suggest GTK+ types to complete broken Vala code.

LibAfrodite is a Vala source code autocompletion library.
Originally part of Vala-Toys for gEdit, it got some interest from MonoDevelop and ValaIDE contributors, who developed dedicated plugins for their respective IDEs.

GtkSourceView, LibAfrodite for ValaWinPKG

Two development libraries have just been added to the ValaWinPKG repositories : GtkSourceView and LibAfrodite.

- GtkSourceView displays source code in a text editor, enabling syntax highlighting, end lines and brackets checking... It can recognize one hundred programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, and of course Vala ^^.

Glade 3.14.1 for Windows (32-bit)

Glade is a graphical user interface designer based on the GTK+ toolkit.

Just as my last GTK+ 3.6.0 installer, this one is based on Raum's flat archives :

GTK+ 3.6.0 for Windows (32-bit)

Raum recently compiled and published a Windows version of GTK+ 3.6.0 ; but this one, provided as flat archives, is somewhat difficult to install for a non-technical user. Hence my work-of-the-day :

Tutorial : cross-compile from Linux to Windows (Vala)

Objectives : compile a Vala/GTK+ application under Linux, and produce a valid Windows© binary.

We have a Vala application using GTK+2 as its graphical toolkit :

We want to create a Windows version of it, without modifiying the source code nor having a Windows box available.

ValaWinPKG Tutorial : manage several versions of Vala

Since its 0.9d version, ValaWinPKG can manage multiple versions of Vala installed on the same computer. The packages for each version will be installed and updated separately.

There a few reasons to do so : for example, Vala 0.12.0 / GLib 2.24.0 needs an old version of LibSoup (2.32) whereas Vala 0.16.0 / GLib 2.32.3 requires a newer one (2.38). This is due to incompatibilities in Vala .vapi files and the GLib itself.

Vala 0.18.0 / GTK+ 3.4.2 for Windows - official release

Following my previous releases, here is today's production : Vala 0.18.0 for Windows.

Conventions stay the same ; that is to say .vapi files will be installed in :

- "/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/vala-0.18" (Windows XP)
- "/ProgramData/vala-0.18" (Windows Vista/7)

The corresponding ValaWinPKG repository has been put online, in the same time as the one for 0.16.0 (sorry for the delay !).


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