ValaWinPKG 0.9d - update

The last update for ValaWinPKG is finally out !

This version corrects many annoying bugs (including the fact that Vala versions greater than 0.12 were not well supported..) and adds some functions for simultaneously managing different Vala installations, or even custom ones.

Glade 3.10.2 for Windows - official release

Glade is a graphical user interface designer based on the GTK+ toolkit.

There wasn't any completely functional version for GTK+3 under Windows. Hence some evening work, leading to my last production :

Vala 0.16.0 / GTK+ 3.4.2 for Windows - official release

Vala 0.12.0 was until now the last Windows bundle available ; to make things go further, and after some struggles, here is my production of the day : Vala 0.16.0 for Windows.

For consistency purposes, it follows the same conventions as the former : .vapi files will be installed in :

- "/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/vala-0.16" (Windows XP)
- "/ProgramData/vala-0.16" (Windows Vista/7)

Tutorial : cross-compile from Linux to Mac OS X (Vala)

Objectives : compile a Vala/GTK+ application under Linux, and produce a valid Mac OS X binary.

We have a Vala application using GTK+2 as its graphical toolkit :

We want to create a Mac OS X version of it, without modifiying the source code nor installing Mac development tools.

PS 1 : GTK+3 isn't supported on Mac OS X at this very moment.
PS 2 : compiling directly on Mac OS X is feasible, but requires additional software

Tutorial : using GTK+3 "Broadway" on Windows

Objectives : run a GTK+3 application as a web app using Broadway.

We have a classical GUI Windows application using GTK+3 ; we want to get a web/HTML5 display using the Windows version of Broadway.

GTK+3 "Broadway" for Windows - official release

Broadway is a display backend for GTK+ 3, turning a "classical" graphical application into a web one.

It permits, without changing anything in the source code, to create applications compatible with, at the same time, heavy desktop usage and remote web access.

ValaWinPKG Tutorial : using Vala with FreeGLUT

Objectives : use ValaWinPKG to compile the Vala FreeGLUT sample under Windows.

Vala documentation provides a FreeGLUT sample displaying a 3D teapot, which you will be able
to move using the keyboard.

  (here is the standalone source code of this sample for commodity)

ValaWinPKG 0.9b - official release

(note : links updated for ValaWinPKG 0.9d)

ValaWinPKG for Windows is a library manager for the Vala language .

It is itself written in Vala. Given the project's nature, the software is exceptionnally provided under the GPL license.

Tutorial : develop in Vala/GTK+3 under Linux

In our previous post, we wrote a GUI application in Vala, compiled and run it under Windows...

Objectives : use a high-level programming language, GUI app "Windows & Linux-compatible" without source code hacking.

We will port our previous sample to Linux.

Tutorial : develop in Vala/GTK+3 under Windows

Little tutorial for the Vala/GTK+3 bundle provided in a previous article...

Objectives : use a high-level programming language, GUI app "Windows & Linux-compatible" without source code hacking.

Let's begin under Windows. We will migrate to Linux in the following tutorial.


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