GTK+3 for Linux Debian 6.0 "Squeeze"

I regulary work under Debian Stable, but recently needed to develop with GTK+3. Instead of migrating to Testing (*troll* or worse, Ubuntu Precise Pangolin*troll*), I recompiled a version of GTK+3 for Stable.

Since it can be proven to be useful, here are packaged installers :
(PS : unable to provide .debs which don't conflict with existing ones, so please use these)

Blog opening, GTK+3 for Windows (32-bit)

No useless talk, let's get into motion.

I needed a Microsoft Windows version of GTK+3 to migrate one of my applications to the Broadway backend (more info soon).

This one comes from the OpenSUSE Factory repository, hosting "a la Linux" packages. Useful... but since I know most people prefer polished installers, here's my work-of-the-day :


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