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Blog opening, GTK+3 for Windows (32-bit)

No useless talk, let's get into motion.

I needed a Microsoft Windows version of GTK+3 to migrate one of my applications to the Broadway backend (more info soon).

This one comes from the OpenSUSE Factory repository, hosting "a la Linux" packages. Useful... but since I know most people prefer polished installers, here's my work-of-the-day :

GTK+ 3.4.2 for Windows 32-bits

* Onlys DLLs and dependencies, for running GTK+ 3 apps :
GTK+-Runtime-3.4.2_(TARNYKO).exe (18,2 Mb)

* For developers ; this one contains MinGW-compatible shared libraries (dll.a) :
GTK+-Bundle-3.4.2_(TARNYKO).exe (24,9 Mb)

* Finally, as I'm right into Vala, this one ships MinGW with Vala :
vala-0.12.0_(GTK+-3.4.2)(TARNYKO).exe (44,3 Mb)

Stay tuned.


I was waiting fo an official release of Gtk+ 3 binaries for windows in order to start a project in Vala that required them.

Not only did you package the whole thing, BUT you also bundled it with Vala AND provide a repository/package manager to properly manage libraries.

On that matter, I think that in addition to the source files, you should put your whole GPL-licensed ValaWinPKG project on a version control system with a public web interface and bug tracker, so that people may easily fork and/or contribute to your work. Github, sourceforge, or something that you host yourself. That really helps on the long term to manage bug reports, versions and contributions. Also, some documentation on the website about the repository system you use would be nice. But maybe all of this is planned :).

Anyway: thanks a lot!

(originally posted by Erwan)

Hi Erwan,

I'm glad you like it ! It all began because I wanted to port a Vala project to Windows some months ago ; but it was hard as hell...

Coincidence : I just compiled and bundled Vala 0.16.0 for Win32 this morning.
You might want to take a look.

For the ValaWinPKG thing, I completely agree ; it's still buggy and incomplete however, so I'm waiting for the next release to put it on a VCS. It fully works with my repos at this moment, but if you start to have conflicts and versions mix, it won't handle it very well ; it's only a matter of time and hard work...

I'll document the (simple) repo format and ask for mirrors at the same time.

Regards, Tarnyko

I regret installing it, as GTK+-Bundle-3.4.2_(TARNYKO).exe has overwritten my PATH environment variable! Paths to several developer tools were replaced with just the GTK+ Bundle. Having uninstalled it, my PATH is now empty.

(originally posted by 0xF)

Totally empty ? That's REALLY not intended, sorry for the inconvience if my installer really did this ! Btw, I just tested it on 2 machines and could not reproduce the problem.
Could you give me your Windows version & architecture ("Windows 7 64-bits" e.g.) ?

It's Windows 7 64-bit and my original PATH was 1312 characters long (dozens of developer tools). See
I have switched to WiX long time ago. Compared to NSIS it has steeper learning curve, but no surprises such as this.

(originally posted by 0xF)

OK, many thanks for the info. So that explains why I did not notice it previously.
I will temporarily switch to the "Large strings" build for my next releases, and re-upload all former installers. But you are right, WiX definitively seems cleaner ; I will take a look.

Hi 0xF,

I you're still around, you may be interested to know that I corrected all installers (GTK+/Vala) to support very large string sizes. I tested myself and it seems to work.
It won't give you your PATH back, but at least there're now less evil bugs here.

While it's certainly better than deleting the PATH string, I noticed it replaced all occurrences of "%SystemRoot%" in my PATH with the current location (C:/Windows in my case).
This isn't a huge problem for me since that string will probably never change, but just thought you should know.

(originally posted by Tachyon)

And you did well !
I'll investigate the cause and see how other installers deal (or not) with this side effect.

Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

(originally posted by mulberry)

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