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Vala 0.18.0 / GTK+ 3.4.2 for Windows - official release

Following my previous releases, here is today's production : Vala 0.18.0 for Windows.

Conventions stay the same ; that is to say .vapi files will be installed in :

- "/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/vala-0.18" (Windows XP)
- "/ProgramData/vala-0.18" (Windows Vista/7)

The corresponding ValaWinPKG repository has been put online, in the same time as the one for 0.16.0 (sorry for the delay !).

Vala 0.18.0 / GTK+ 3.4.2 for 32-bit Windows

vala-0.18.0_(GTK+-3.4.2)(TARNYKO).exe (44.6 Mb)

(GTK+ 2.20.0 still provided for compatibility purposes)

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