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Val(a)IDE 0.7.2 - official release

Val(a)IDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Vala language . The software is itself written in Vala.

Initially developed by Nicolas Joseph and Yu Feng, the project stayed quiet for a little more than two years. I took over development to fix bugs and add some functionalities.

Changes can be tracked on Launchpad :

Windows XP/Vista/7 installer

ValaIDE-0.7.2.exe (9.12 Mb)

(requires Vala 0.12, downloadable here : vala-0.12.0_(GTK+-3.4.2)(TARNYKO).exe (44.3 Mb))

GNU/Linux packages

* Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" :
32-bit : ValaIDE-0.7.2_(UBUNTU12).tar.bz2 (3.14 Mb)
64-bit : ValaIDE-0.7.2_(UBUNTU12)(AMD64).tar.bz2 (3.13 Mb)

* Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" :
32-bit : ValaIDE-0.7.2_(UBUNTU10).tar.bz2 (4.90 Mb)
64-bit : ValaIDE-0.7.2_(UBUNTU10)(AMD64).tar.bz2 (5.13 Mb)

* Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" :
32-bit : ValaIDE-0.7.2_(DEBIAN60).tar.bz2 (4.93 Mb)
64-bit : ValaIDE-0.7.2_(DEBIAN60)(AMD64).tar.bz2 (5.13 Mb)

* RHEL/CentOS 6.0 :
32-bit : ValaIDE-0.7.2_(CENTOS60).tar.bz2 (3.32 Mb)
64-bit : ValaIDE-0.7.2_(CENTOS60)(AMD64).tar.bz2 (3.37 Mb)

(read "z_Readme.txt" - install with the "" script)

Source code

valide-0.7.2_(TARNYKO).tgz (1.49 Mb)

Main improvements :
- The GUI has been enhanced : creating a new file immediately asks for its name, adding and removing files to a project opens and closes matching tabs, the last used save folder is now memorized, etc ;
- Autocompletion now works for all Vala packages (provided the package was added in the project options) ;
- Autocompletion now works on Windows, too.

Main bugfixes :
- no more random crashes on "Save all", "Close all", "Add a file...", "Remove a file..." ;
- the IDE now renders correctly on a resolution inferior to 1024x768 ;
- many Windows-specific bugfixes (crashes, URL opening, external file opening...)

Planned :
- progressive autocompletion (while typing symbols' characters) ;
- integrate a RAD Glade panel ;
- port to Mac OS X ;
- migrate to GTK+ 3.


Cool! I'll give it a try next week. Thanks for the effort.

(originally posted by Duff)

You're welcome ^^.
PS : I'm looking for feedback, especially bad one, so feel free to drop any observations here.

Is there any plan also to support .gs file beside .vala files (as valac drives this syntax, too) ?

(originally posted by rosenheimer)

Hi Rosenheimer,

Good question. In fact I never write any Genie, so I didn't even check the state of things...

As I can see from some mailing list archives, there is an experimental syntax highlighting support, which I could easily integrate in the next release.
I just won't have enough time to integrate autocompletion in this one, though :-(. But I can add it to the long-term roadmap.

I suppose the IDE is too simple to use. It should have some more features as outline, auto complete, etc.
I suppose you can reference to codelite or codeblock. I don't like anjuta because it often core dump when I was modifying my code.
I also hope this project can become a plugin of codeblock or codelite supporting vala.

Hi martin

Some features are WIP and shown here ; auto-complete will be ...complete, for outlines I have to check.
It may not compete with Anjuta and friends, but it has its own plugin system, and source is GPL, so everybody is welcome. I doubt I will write plugins for other IDEs myself, though.

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