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Vala 0.20.1 / GTK+ 3.6.4 for Mac OS X - official release

After the Windows installer, here comes the Apple one ! Very pleased to announce the first release ever for Vala 0.20.1 on Mac OS X.

So far, it has only been tested on Leopard (10.5), so any feedback with a more recent version will be greatly appreciated.

I plan to port ValaWinPKG to OS X (ValaOSXPkg ?) so people will be able to download and use additionnal libraries easily. Stay tuned.

Vala 0.20.1 / GTK+ 3.6.4 for Mac OS X

vala-0.20.1_(GTK+-3.6.4)(TARNYKO).dmg (41.6 Mb)

(an updated version of GTK+2, 2.24.18, is still provided for compatibility purposes)

How to install

Prerequisites : you absolutely have to get and install XCode first, it won't install otherwise.

1) In the Finder, double-click on the .dmg file, then on the "Vala 0.20.1 (installer)" file.

2) Follow the Wizard. Reboot as required.

3) If you go to "/Applications", you will spot a new "Vala" folder containing some demos, which you can run to verify if everything went well :

4) Now in "/Applications/Utilities", open the "Terminal" app, and verify you can compile and run a Vala program using these kinds of commands :

valac myprogram.vala -o mypprogram

Here we go !


Is there any way to add additions? Is there a process to add Libraries to the repository?

Hi Chris,

Not yet, but it's WIP : the target is to port ValaWinPKG to OSX, and then maintain an OSX clone of the Win32 repository.

I'd able to do it, but there is too much work for one person now. I'm looking for a humble coworker ;-), will post a call for contributions on vala-list.


very good job Tarnyko, I plan use your package vala for Windows and for Mac OS X. Now, I test compile my Mind Map Architect for Mac OS X. And I'm requesting for libgee and librsvg. I try to compile libgee on my virtual Mac, but i have only 64bit system, and your libraries are 32bit. I have problem with compile Gir. But what i test Vala example in Mountain Lion, it works, only programmers must set CFLAGS="-m32".

Hi Ondrej,

Sorry for the late answer, but I have little free time for my blog these days.
You are lucky, I just had libgee binaries hanging around (never published that URL, becaue ValaOSXPkg stayed beta, other priorities etc...).

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