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Playing chess on the web with GNOME Chess

Objectives : having a fun usage of features offered by Broadway on GTK+3.

There are many available online chess playing websites today. They generally allow players to challenge each other using their (ad-encumbered) proprietary interface.

Now, let's suppose you don't want to use such a site, but still allow your friends to easily join a chess play hosted on your computer. These friends could very well use Windows, Linux or Mac OS X ; a recent version of Firefox will be the only prerequisite.

You happen to run Windows (Linux Fedora commands to be found at the bottom of this post) ; so you'll install the Windows version of GNOME Chess (which I just built ;-) ) :

GNOME Chess 3.8.3 for 32-bit Windows

gnome-chess-3.8.3_(TARNYKO).exe (21.3 Mb)

Then, you'll run the web version of GNOME Chess :

Nothing on the screen yet... but if you happen to run Firefox and browse to :

You're just accessing the game using your browser !
Finally, you only need to open port 8080 on your modem-router (method differs regarding the model) then get your public IP address obtainable via a dedicated website, formatted this way...


... and give it to your friends, so they can get there with their Firefox.
Here we go !

PS1 : for technical reasons, playing against the computer is disabled.

PS2 : for technical reasons, 3D display is disabled. It could be patched very soon if I get my free time back. It won't be available in web mode, anyways.

PS3 : under Fedora 19, to obtain the same result :
yum install gnome-chess
export GDK_BACKEND=broadway


nice app. Really good job! :D

Thanks ! Good to know some people enjoy it :-).

Hey Tarnyko, good job!
I've been trying to compile Gtk+ 3.10 from scratch on Windows, can you give any tips about that?
Btw, are you planning to provide pre-compiled Gtk+ 3.10 binaries for Windows?

Hi Greggy,

3.10 should be ready in a few days. If you really can't wait, I provide downloadable buildenvs for previous versions, which you can take inspiration from to compile GTK+ (read the scripts...).

Once it's ready, the 3.10 buildenv will be there and pre-built packages downloadable from I'll let you know in the comments when it's ready.

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