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Going to FOSDEM 2014

This year, and more precisely next week-end, I will be attending the well-known FOSDEM open-source conference.

More specifically, I will be giving this little talk in the Desktops devroom, Saturday at 13:35. The talk links to this formerly-posted article.

This is a very exciting, though potentially stressful, experience. I am currently making sure that everything will be working well, appeasing the Demo-$DEITY with some sacrificials, re-writing the same slide for the third time... Nonetheless, there will be unpredictable fun :-).

As far as I can remember, I always had interest in open source software. I installed my first Linux distribution in 1998, and that's pretty early if you consider when I was born. During the first years though, I was merely a end-user, only comparing stuff and installing servers for companies where I used to work as a sysadmin. My first development using open-source technologies occured a lot later, but since then, I never went off the boat... and am now an official FOSS integrator and developer !

One thing I regret, though, is that with all my new responsibilities, I only have very few time left for my personal projects. I guess it's visible on this blog, where very few packages have seen updates in the past months. It's not that I lost interest, but I can't afford spending hours on experiments anymore. On the other hand, I sometimes asked for help or sponsorship, but didn't get as much as I hoped. Projects are not dead, they are just waiting for input.

For anyone interested or wanting to meet me there, don't hesitate to send me a mail using the contact form !

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