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Sustaining support for GTK+3 under Win32

As some of you folks may have noticed, I barely have the time to sustain efforts regarding GTK+3 for Windows for some months now. Hell, I barely have the time to maintain this blog and answer the mails either !

I thought it may change in this timeframe, though I've been proven wrong, so I now have to ask for help. So please find here a document which summarizes what is needed to maintain the effort :

- GTK+3_Win32_support_plan.doc (MS Word)
- GTK+3_Win32_support_plan.odt (, LibreOffice)

Please note that what is asked here is the ideal maximum required. In fact, I used to issue and integrate patches, maintain the build system, do and comment releases... myself. But if you only can maintain the build system e.g., that's fine. It's already a whole issue on its own ;-).

For anyone interested, please contact me through this form, send a mail to the gtk-devel mailing list, or say hi on the #gtk+ IRC channel on


Hi Tarnyko,

In regards to the icons, the icon theme file is hard-coded when one runs the autotools build on Windows for the various icon theme that GNOME provides. The easiest way to make it relocatable (as I build GTK+-3.x on Visual Studio, which means no autotools during the build), is to get the hicolor-icon-theme (a very small package from, and use (copy as-is) the index.theme file that is provided and put in \share\icons\hicolor. One will then need to get the icons (gnome-icon-theme, gnome-icon-theme-extras and gnome-icon-theme-symbolic (i.e. the svg icons, which involves building and installing librsvg beforehand for these to work), and copy all the items in gnome\ from these packages as-is into \share\icons\hicolor. The fallback mechanism of GTK+ will allow these icons to be found and used.

I am also in the process of trying to improve the state of the GTK+ stack (albeit I won't be able to help with the autotools/MinGW build system part, but I am still maintaining the MSVC build files to make sure at least the code builds), and LRN is also doing a great deal of work to improve GTK+ on Windows as well, especially in the department of improving the themes.

Thanks for all the great work though. With blessings!

Hi Fan,

Your insight on solving the icon theme problem is very interesting ; I think I haven't even had enough time to go deep into that, before I had to give up. But yes that's definitively the best idea so far !

You and LRN are doing a great job of maintaining the MSVC++ build (which should be now of a lot better quality than the MinGW one) and the win32 themes. I hope you keep up the good work, and that we eventually get again to review patches together in bugzilla :-).

It would also be nice to have a NuGet package of GTK+3:

The Header Bar is good since 3.13.3. But at the same time, the theme was cracked like windows in Windows 98. I don't know if this has any thing to do with the change of theme to Adwaita. I tried to mail to the mailing list but my mail always get blocked.
I'm not sure if 3.13.4 has that fixed or not. Didn't try yet. I want to wait for gtkmm and try it together.
(Is this message verified?)

Hi Wesley and thanks for your message,

Yes, there are verified when I have the time, which is very sparse these days... It's good to know they fixed it and made the engine evolve. Please note that I more or less ceased to work on GTK+ and the binary releases.

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