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Supporting GTK+ into ReactOS

This is somewhat related to the previous post ; I received some feedback of people wanting to contribute to the GTK+3/Win32 backend, but unable to do so because of the necessity of a commercial license.

There is a well-known open source alternative known as ReactOS. It is basically a from-scratch reimplementation of its proprietary counterpart.

GTK+ used to work bad on ReactOS, because of its advanced use of text output functions via Cairo. So I submitted a patch for ReactOS, which fixes a part of its Win32 API. There are still some glitches to be fixed, though.

(Thanks to Amine Khaldi, Huw, HBelusca, HeisSpiter, smiley1_, gigaherz ... who have reviewed/modifed the patch and have merged it into their tree. You were all very helpful !)

So here is a screenshot of Pidgin running under ReactOS with the patch !

The next step it to make the build environment work, i.e. MSYS to begin with.
Wait and see !


Thank you so much for amazing bugfix. But it is still unfinished... see video

Hi Alexander,

Nice bug, will try to reproduce it (doesn"t seem to happen with every application, Pidgin is fine e.g.). Just stay around and we might have another fix.

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