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ValaWinPKG 0.9b - official release

(note : links updated for ValaWinPKG 0.9d)

ValaWinPKG for Windows is a library manager for the Vala language .

It is itself written in Vala. Given the project's nature, the software is exceptionnally provided under the GPL license.

It is difficult, under the Windows© version of Vala, to find and install the good versions of additional libraries (most of
them being packaged for Linux). ValaWinPKG takes care of all this by downloading libraries from a central repository and installing them on your system.


Partial list of supported functions :
- connects to HTTP (web) repositories, using a standard file format ;
- uses repos by priority order, switching to the next in case of failure ;
- tracks packages installs/uninstalls ;
- verifies all possible conflicts (existing files, etc), asks at worse for confirmation;
- logs all notable actions.

Partial list of available packages :
- OpenGL/FreeGLUT/GtkGLExt
- SDL (image, mixer, gfx...)
- LibSoup, LibPoppler, LibGee, LibGSF...
- SQLite, MySQL

- ...

Packages to come :
- LibGDA
- WebKitGTK

Tutorial is here.


can't connect to reposity..!!

(originally posted by kas)

Strange. What version of Vala are you using ? It should be printed in ValaWinPKG.

It works with Vala 0.12, but not with 0.16, so I guess you haven't got the 0.16-specific repo up and running yet.

P.S. Thanks for making this. Installing w32api following the GNOME website instructions isn't exactly difficult, but your method is much, much better.

(originally posted by Marc)

Indeed Marc ; I have been very busy recently, and some packages need tweaking to work with 0.16, so it's still WIP. And I need to patch ValaWinPKG, too.

Thanks for your support, it feeds motivation and that IS good !

Hi Marc,

I you're still around, you may be interested to know that the 0.16.0 repo is now up and running.
And there're even more good news ;-)

(PS : don't forget to update ValaWinPKG if you want to use the new repos)

That's really cool, thank you for your work.

(originally posted by Anonymous)

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