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I just took over the maintainership of uselessd

uselessd is an init system daemon for UNIX systems.

More precisely, it originates from a fork of systemd 208, which is today the most widespread daemon for GNU/Linux distributions (RHEL/CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu... all either have it or will have it soon).

Most people aware of GNU/Linux flamewars hot topics are necessarily aware of the various controversies concerning systemd : too heavy and complex (integrates a DNS, DHCP service...), intrusive (handles the journal via systemd-journald, core dumps via systemd-coredump...), incompatible with *BSD systems, requiring a too recent Linux kernel (>= 3.7)...

I am not going in detail into all these once more again, but you know what they say... "There is no smoke without fire" ;-).

(Personally, I am a member of the Tizen Common team, and each minor version of systemd succeeds in impairing the precious boot process so much... that lots of time is dedicated to fix all these issues, because we cannot release a system which doesn't boot 100% correctly. Final users may not always see it, but it is a huge workload coming from a supposedly-"stable" low-level component).

uselessd tries to address some of these issues. Most notably :
- it does not ship services such as systemd-journald, systemd-logind... which are not addressing init problematics in any way ;
- it does not ship udev (it used to be a separate package before its integration into systemd). eudev, 100%-compatible, may be a good replacement ;
- it is able to compile and partially work under FreeBSD ;
- it is able to compile with other C libraries than glibc, most notably musl and uClibc ;
- il does not support Linux-only modules, such as SELinux, SMACK... These could eventually be handled via plugins ;
- some unusual unit types (mount points, timers...) have been removed.

So, how do I personally fit into this picture ? I just showed an early interest for uselessd and got as far a creating a Tizen package with patches for my personal use. That's it.

Many thanks to The Initfinder General for trusting me so much !

About my roadmap... I have 2 priorities :
- completing the FreeBSD porting process ;
- helping packagers who want to provide uselessd for their distribution, such Debian, RHEL... the point being of making it more popular while getting more feedback and bug reports.

I have some other things to release, too... More details soon :-) !

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