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Tutorial : using GTK+3 "Broadway" on Windows

Objectives : run a GTK+3 application as a web app using Broadway.

We have a classical GUI Windows application using GTK+3 ; we want to get a web/HTML5 display using the Windows version of Broadway.

1) Install GTK+3 "Runtime" for Windows

Install : GTK+-Runtime-3.4.2_(TARNYKO).exe (18,2 Mb)

After the setup process, you can run the GTK+3 test application by doing "Start menu" -> "Programs" -> "GTK+ 3.4.2 Runtime" -> "GTK3+ Widget Factory" :

2) Install the Broadway module

Download : (987 Kb)

Double-click on the ZIP file to open it, then copy-paste the "libgdk-3-0.dll" file to the "bin" subdirectory of GTK+3's installation folder.
  (it's "C:\Program Files\GTK+-Runtime-3.4.2\bin" if you didn't change it)

Windows will ask for confirmation to replace the file : validate.

3) Activate Broadway and run the GTK+3 application

Open a command prompt ("Start menu" -> "Accessories" -> "Command prompt") and activate Broadway by typing :
set GDK_BACKEND=broadway

Still in the command prompt, move to the "bin" folder and run the demo app. E.g. :
cd C:\Program Files\GTK+-Runtime-3.4.2\bin

You shouldn't see anything special. Just don't close the command prompt.

4) Access the app using Firefox

Install the last version of Firefox if you already hadn't :

Launch the browser and simply connect to this URL :

Here we go !

(PS : this will work with any GTK+3 application)

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